Landed plants

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Out of regard for customer discretion, our references are classified by plant types realised.


  • Realisation of a 7600 m² plant for the drying and smoking of salmon
  • Modernisation of workshops and conception of production lines integrated in smoked salmon processing


Whether it’s a matter of creating, extending or modernising, we realise many canneries for a wide range of seafood products:

  • Tuna and pre-prepared products of tuna (salads, pastes, etc. ),
  • Sardine,
  • Mackerel,
  • Shellfish,
  • Etc.

Pre-prepared products:

Plants for the production of fresh and frozen pre-cooked seafood meals.
Modernisation and optimisation of lines for the production and packing of surimi sticks.


Fishmonging plants integrating a process for the sorting, filleting and packing of fresh fish.


Plants for the production of salted and marinated fillets of anchovy.


  • Plants for the cooking of shrimps
  • Plants for the cooking of pre-prepared products


Plants for the production of frozen fillets and steaks of fish.

Alive products:

Realisation of a centre for the exploitation, stocking and shipment of alive crustaceous and shellfish.